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The HairMax® LaserComb allow our clients to achieve positive results in hair restoration at home!  If you are experiencing thinning hair and hair loss, this device can provide a solution. 

The HairMax is the only medical device cleared by the FDA for the “Promotion of Hair Growth” in clients who experience male pattern baldness.  The HairMax works by using laser light energy to stimulate growth factors within the hair follicle. The HairMax  targets the hair follicle at the cellular level and helps to speed up the hair growth process while simultaneously inducing the growth of thicker hair where a thin dying hair may have been in place previously.

In test studies of clients using the HairMax for 26 weeks, the laser treatment group experienced an in crease in hair density as well as better overall hair health and re-growth than subjects who did not receive the treatment.
There were no reports of adverse side effects from any of the subjects. No prescription for this device is needed. Additional studies have been conducted on similar LLLT lasers (low level light therapy) around the world for more than 25 years and they also have not had any reports of side effects. These laser devices have become generally accepted as a standard cosmetology tool for the use on hair/scalps as a means to improve hair quality.


Contact our Atlanta hair replacement experts for more information on the HairMax Laser Comb or to purchase this device for at home laser hair growth therapy.  We will be glad to provide more information on in-salon professional hair/scalp laser treatments and products when you visit.

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