Laser Light Therapy Atlanta


One of our hair restoration options at Cirrus Hair Atlanta is laser light hair regrowth treatments.  A low power laser light with a wavelength of around 650nm and with 5mw of power is applied to the scalp in order to promote healthy hair growth.  The laser has no heat qualities and is designed specifically for hair growth therapy.  There are no side effects, but the hair restoration benefits are many.

Studies have shown that laser light hair growth therapy can:

  •   Stop the progression of hair loss.
  •   Increase of blood and oxygen supply to the scalp.
  •   Increase the thickness and quality of the hair shaft
  •   Increase the diameter of the hair shaft
  •   Promote healthy tissue repair
  •   Speed up the development of collagen


Laser light hair regrowth therapy is an excellent option for clients who are in the early stages of hair loss.  Women and men who are experiencing general thinning of their hair and loss of hair volume can particularly benefit from this hair growth treatment.    Although laser treatment results vary, most clients achieve an increase in the thickness of their hair, and in some cases, especially in the early stages of hair loss, it may be possible to stop hair loss altogether and even achieve some re-growth. Age is not a factor in the success of this rejuvenation therapy.

Laser hair growth therapy can be combined with the use of CiraDerm products to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.  Visit our Products page to learn more about CiraDerm products.

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