Scalp Laser Therapy Atlanta

Scalp laser hair growth therapy can be an effective means of combatting thinning hair, especially for clients who are in the early stages of hair loss. 

Scalp laser hair growth treatments can:

  •     Reduce Hair Fallout
  •     Re-Grow Your Hair
  •     Clear severe seborrheic dermatitis
  •     Create a healthy environment for hair growth
  •     Increase the thickness and density of your hair

Results of the scalp laser treatment vary from client to client.  Treatments are usually administered over a six month period but can be customized for each individual client with more frequency if needed.  Although you will realize immediate results as to the condition of your scalp and existing hair quality, it will be a little longer before you see evidence of new hair growth.

It is best to complete a series of combined CiraDerm in-salon and home treatments with the use of products included with the Cirrus Laser Therapy to receive the maximum results possible. The results each person receives will vary with the condition of their scalp and extent and reason for their hair loss.


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