Cirrus Hair Restoration in Atlanta


Cirrus Hair Atlanta has been providing hair replacement options and hair restoration for our clients with thinning hair for over 30 years.  We understand the issues and we have the answers!  If you are in the Atlanta area, and you are seeking advice or solutions for hair loss or thinning hair, make an appointment with our hair loss experts.  We can customize a hair replacement plan that is right for your individual circumstances. 

Our hair replacement options include:

• Regrowing your hair non-surgically with FDA-approved laser hair growth treatments and laser hair therapy
• Cosmetic Hair Reconstruction
• Nonsurgical Hair Replacement

• Surgical Hair Replacement
• Hair Growth Products
• Custom Hair Systems

We will pursue the best hair restoration option based upon your individual circumstances.   Please explore our website for information about laser hair therapy, hair systems, causes of hair loss, types of hair loss, hair replacement options, and more.


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