Atlanta Hair Replacement for Men

You don’t have to settle for completely shaving your head or wearing an ill-fitting toupee.  Our Atlanta hair replacement experts have a better solution for your hair loss!

Research predicts that up to 70% of men will experience some form of hair loss by the time they reach the age of 65.   In some men, the loss will be seen as a reduction in the thickness and volume of their hair, but others will experience more noticeable loss and even complete baldness.  

In many cases, hair loss can be stopped or reversed by using innovative approaches such as laser hair therapy or laser hair regrowth.   Our Atlanta hair restoration facility offers both of these options to our clients.  We also offer a complete line of high quality hair regrowth products including shampoos, conditioners, styling products and other formulas that will create healthy scalp and favorable conditions for hair regrowth.  

Sometimes, hair loss and baldness cannot be reversed or stopped.  In these cases, we recommend solutions such as non-surgical hair replacement or hair systems.  Our hair systems are custom designed with natural human hair to give you the look that you want and help you to hold on to your youth.   Our hair systems are created to blend with your existing hair and scalp for an undetectable appearance.   Every color and texture of hair is available with our systems, so that your look can be completely customized.   

If you are interested in surgical hair replacement, we will be happy to help you pursue this option if you are a good candidate.  Clients interested in surgical hair replacement will need to have a sufficient amount of good healthy hair along the sides and back of their head to serve as “donor” areas.  The hair will be surgically removed from the donor areas by a qualified and reputable specialist who will then transplant it to areas of the scalp that need additional thickness and volume.  

Make an appointment today for a hair and scalp evaluation and speak to one of our hair replacement experts in Atlanta.  We will help you select the best  option for your own unique circumstances.  



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 If you are experiencing hair loss, our experts at Cirrus can help.  Our hair restoration specialists will address the issues to create the optimum plan for your individual situation.  Click below to learn more about the causes of hair loss, types of hair loss, as well as hair loss solutions that work.




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 Laser hair therapy and laser hair growth treatments are some of the latest advances in hair restoration technology.   We have several options available including laser light therapy and laser scalp treatments.  There are several benefits and advantages for each method, and when combined with other strategies the benefits increase.  



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Our experts at Cirrus offer a variety of options for hair replacement for men and women. Which option is right for you?  Click here to learn more about non-surgical hair replacement, custom hair systems, surgical hair replacement, hair transplants, and frequently asked questions.



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