Atlanta Hair Replacement for Women

For women, hair loss can be a completely devastating experience.  Our Atlanta hair replacement experts at Cirrus understand all of the emotions that can accompany the loss of hair, and we have solutions that can restore your hair to a beautiful state once again.  You will no longer need a hat or scarf to cover your thinning hair.  You can have the confidence that you once had with a thick, gorgeous style that is full of volume.

Hair loss in women can be attributed to many causes.  Sometimes it is triggered by a medical condition such as a thyroid abnormality.  The most common cause however, is Androgenic  Alopecia  or Female Pattern Hair Loss.   Age, childbirth, and chemotherapy treatments are other factors that can cause thinning hair and hair loss.   Whatever your situation, we can help!

Many times, women will turn to wigs, hair extensions or hair weaves in an effort to find a solution for thinning hair.   In a large majority of cases, extensions will actually cause even more hair loss.   There are horror stories of clients who have experienced this tragedy.   The application methods often used for hair extensions put extra strain on the already fragile hair and cause it to weaken, break or fall out.  Instead of solving the problem, the extensions often cause the problem to become worse.

Our Atlanta hair replacement experts offer a better solution.  Our non-surgical hair replacement options and our custom hair systems can give you the look you want without damaging or adding stress to your existing hair.  You can have the thick, full and lustrous hair that you want.   Our hair systems are created using natural, high quality human hair that blends with your own for a completely undetectable appearance.  

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