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hair replacement for menWhat is the underlying cause of your hair loss?   This question is one that our Atlanta hair replacement experts will seek to determine at your first appointment.    Understanding the physical, emotional and environmental factors for your hair loss will be a top priority.   Many times, there is not simply one factor, but several factors working together, that lead to loss of hair density and volume, excessive shedding, or failure of hair to grow.  

The first step in hair replacement and hair restoration is a FREE digital hair and scalp analysis.  This is a safe and painless procedure.   Our diagnostic tools allow us to see clear, magnified digital images of your hair and scalp on a large monitor.  The magnification level is high enough that we can analyze the hair shaft, hair follicle, follicular activity and scalp conditions at a microscopic level.    Pore obstructions can be identified as well as other conditions such as overproduction of sebum.   (In addition to providing valuable insight into the condition of your hair and scalp at your first visit, periodic hair and scalp analyses can provide feedback as to the effectiveness of your hair restoration treatment or laser hair therapy.)  

After a thorough analysis of your scalp and hair and the degree and causes of your hair loss, we can then make recommendations about the most effective hair restoration option for you.    For some of our Atlanta hair replacement clients we recommend laser hair therapy or hair transplants.   For others, non-surgical hair replacement is the best option, and we create a custom hair system that is designed specifically for you.   We consider your needs, lifestyle, and budget as we work with each individual client to choose the most effective hair loss solution.

While hair loss can be traumatic, you do not have to live the rest of your life without a thick, full head of hair.  We have many options.  Take the first step and call the experts at our hair replacement center in Atlanta, and begin the journey to a more confident you!  We have over 30 years of experience in the field of hair restoration and we will work together with you to provide results that will work in your particular situation.

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