Hair Replacement Atlanta Hair Loss Myths

There are many strange myths floating around regarding hair loss.  With this topic, it is wise to do your research and  be careful not to believe everything that you are told.   Below are several myths about hair loss from our Atlanta hair replacement experts at Cirrus. 

  • Shaving your head will cause hair to grow back thicker.  False.  Shaving your head does not cause your hair to increase in volume or density when it regrows.
  • Dandruff causes permanent hair loss.  False.  The presence of dandruff has no relation to hair loss.
  • Standing on your head will stimulate hair growth.  False.  Standing on your head may be a great way to impress others or create a monstrous headache, but it will not cause your hair to grow thicker or better. Laser hair therapy is a MUCH better option.
  • The gene for baldness can only be inherited only from your mother.  False.  The gene that causes baldness can actually be inherited from either parent.  
  • Wearing a hat can cause your hair to fall out.   Obviously, this is untrue, although dirty hats can cause your scalp to become infected which is not good for healthy hair growth.   You can wear a hat with confidence; just make sure that it is clean.
  • Frequent shampooing can lead to hair loss.   False.  Shampooing your hair each day will not lead to your hair becoming less thick or to it falling out of your head.
  • Stress, pregnancy, or trauma can cause hair loss.  This is true, but normally when the stress or pregnancy ends and life returns to normal, the hair that was lost should grow back. 
  • Styling products can cause hair loss.   This is also false.  Hairsprays, mousses and styling gels will not make your hair fall out.  Using flat irons and curling irons improperly, however, can have an effect on hair breakage.  Be careful when using heat styling tools.

 For real answers, and no myths, make an appointment at Cirrus Hair Replacement Atlanta!  We will be happy to schedule a FREE consultation and explore options for providing a hair restoration option for your individual needs.

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