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Do hair regrowth products really work?  We are asked this question all of the time at our Atlanta hair replacement center.   There are literally hundreds of products on the market, all claiming to regrow hair and stop hair loss.  How can you tell which claims are valid and which ones are gimmicks?   

First, let’s examine one of the hormones that is a significant player in many hair loss cases:   A hormone called DHT (dihydrotestosterone).  An enzyme in the body known as 5-alpha-reductase can cause testosterone to be converted to DHT. Once DHT is formed, it has the ability to bind to receptors in hair follicles.  When this occurs, DHT reduces healthy activity of the hair follicle, and often shrinks the follicle.  This affects the hair growth cycle, slowing it down and reducing the diameter and thickness of the hair.  Over time, DHT can cause hair to stop growing.   

Effective hair growth products counteract the effects of DHT.  The goal is to stimulate the hair follicle, encourage healthy follicle activity, and create the optimum conditions for hair regrowth.   In addition,  great hair regrowth products  cleanse the scalp of toxins and debris and stimulate healthy conditions for hair growth.


At Cirrus hair restoration in Atlanta, we offer a complete line of Ciraderm hair regrowth products .  These products are beneficial to healthy hair growth and scalp stimulation.   The products work in combination with each other to target the factors that cause hair loss, and promote an environment that will allow hair to regrow stronger and thicker than before.  When used together, their  benefits increase.

Just a few of the things that Ciraderm hair growth products can do: 

  • Hair growth products supply the necessary nutrients and essential amino acids not produced in appropriate amounts by the body for the maximum production of fuller, stronger, healthier hair and scalp.  
  • Cleansing products help to wash away and reduce damaging residues that impede or slow hair growth.
  • Deeply nourishing ingredients in hair regrowth products feed hair follicles and also help remove obstacles that prevent hair from being its healthy and strong.
  • Clogged hair follicles and heavy dirt on the root of the hair can cause serious hair problems.  Hair growth products and special cleansing shampoos use herbal extracts that deep cleanse the hair root while stimulating circulation.  Important ingredients such as Zinc PCA help to regulate the sebaceous gland.
  • Increasing blood flow to the scalp is also very important for healthy hair growth.   Our products will improve  hair and scalp health by improving the body’s ability to carry away waste products left over from hair production and daily exposure to the environment.  
  • Finally, hair growth products enhance protein and stimulate collagen growth and also regulate the sebaceous glands while preventing bacteria and fungus from collecting on the scalp.


Make an appointment with our hair replacement experts at Cirrus in Atlanta.  A FREE digital scalp analysis is included with your visit, and we will discuss the best options for hair restoration and giving you back the hair that you once had.   With over 30 years of experience in hair replacement, we have the research and the skill to deliver results.


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