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What is the difference between a wig from the wig shop and a hair system from our Atlanta hair replacement center?   We are often asked this question.  A wig and a hair system are two different things.  While they are both often used as a solution for hair loss, they vary widely in form and quality.

womens hair replacementA wig is generally a one-size-fits all solution.  It is not a custom creation by any means and is normally produced in mass quantities with identical replicas just like it.   It’s easy to spot an ill-fitting wig or poor quality hairpiece.  We have all seen them.    Most wigs are constructed of hair that is lesser quality.  The hair is generally chemically treated Asian or Indian hair and in some extreme cases, animal hair has been known to be used.   Most wigs are very uncomfortable to wear and do not allow the scalp to breathe, causing your scalp to sweat in warm temperatures.   Many wigs cannot be securely attached, limiting the activities in which you can be involved.  .

By contrast, a hair system from Cirrus Hair Replacement in Atlanta is a work of art.   A hair system is carefully crafted just for you and only for you.  It is designed to blend imperceptibly with your own existing hair.   Using natural human hair that is available in every color, length, and texture, a hair system can give you the hair that you want with the thickness, precise color, amount of wave, and the exact style that you desire.  If you want to blend a little gray into the mix, this is an option.    A hair system can be expertly customized according to your specific preferences.   Best of all, it is designed to be undetectable.   The results are so natural that it appears as though each hair is growing out of your head.   And best of all, your daily activities are not limited.  You can exercise, run, work and pursue your hobbies without fear that your hair will fall off your head.  Hair systems are very comfortable and designed to allow your scalp to breathe.   Quality and workmanship make it happen.

If you would like more information, call our Atlanta hair replacement experts at Cirrus today!  We will be happy to answer your questions and also provide a FREE hair restoration consultation.   


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 If you are experiencing hair loss, our experts at Cirrus can help.  Our hair restoration specialists will address the issues to create the optimum plan for your individual situation.  Click below to learn more about the causes of hair loss, types of hair loss, as well as hair loss solutions that work.




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 Laser hair therapy and laser hair growth treatments are some of the latest advances in hair restoration technology.   We have several options available including laser light therapy and laser scalp treatments.  There are several benefits and advantages for each method, and when combined with other strategies the benefits increase.  



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Our experts at Cirrus offer a variety of options for hair replacement for men and women. Which option is right for you?  Click here to learn more about non-surgical hair replacement, custom hair systems, surgical hair replacement, hair transplants, and frequently asked questions.




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