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mens hair systemIs a non-surgical hair replacement system better than a hair transplant?

In most cases the answer is yes, a hair system is often a more practical, affordable, and more effective option for hair loss.  Hair transplants and surgical hair replacement are only successful in a small percentage of cases.  In order for a successful transplant to take place, a person must have a sufficient amount of healthy hair that can be used for the hair transplant.  These areas of healthy hair serve as “donor” areas as hair is removed from them and transplanted to areas with little or no hair growth.  
Surgical hair replacement can transplant hair in a bald spot, but it cannot protect against future additional hair loss around the transplant area.  This can be a problem for men or women who may continue to experience hair loss in the months and years following the transplant.  
A hair system is the best option even if you are a candidate for surgical hair replacement, because you won't have to worry about future thinning hair or balding areas around the transplant area.

Is a hair system securely attached, or will it fall off if I work out or if I’m outdoors on a windy day?  
Hair systems of today are state-of-the-art creations.  The hair systems created by our Atlanta hair replacement experts at Cirrus are customized to fit precisely and are incredibly secure.  You can live your life to the fullest without fear of losing your hair.  You can jog, workout, and pursue your daily hobbies and activities with the confidence that your hair will stay in place.  

mens hair replacement system

Will anyone know that my hair system is not my real hair?

Today's hair systems are so technologically advanced that they are undetectable. The base is a light-weight, flexible, breathable structure that is incredibly thin.   It is developed to match your scalp and to blend imperceptibly with your skin color.  Natural human hair is chosen to precisely match your existing hair color, texture, and wave pattern.  It will appear as if the hair is growing out of your scalp.  Our experts will work together with you at your appointment to show you how to style your hair system and to maintain it so that it will stay in top form.  

Do I need more than one hair system?  

This depends on your lifestyle and many other factors.  Many people like to have two hair systems.  This allows you to rotate the systems and wear one in case second needs repair or maintenance.  Many hair systems are made using such lightweight materials (the heavier the hair and cap, the less natural a hair system will look) that they are disposable, requiring a new one every time, about every eight weeks or so.

What styles are available for a hair system?  

You are limited only by your imagination.  An enormous range of possibilities are available by combining different hair colors, lengths, and textures.   We can match your existing hair color or go a little lighter or darker.  If you would like a bit of gray added at the temples or mixed throughout this can be done as well.  You can have a hair system completely customized to match your style and preferences.  When you are ready for a new hair system, our Atlanta hair replacement experts can create a match for your existing system or we can go a different route and design a completely new look.   Hair systems can be developed to work with your changing image.

mens gray hair replacement system

Can my hair system change as I age?

Most men and women want a hair system that looks natural and realistic.  As you age, we can adjust your hair system so that it looks believable.   This can include adding gray, changing the base color to match your skin tone, adjusting the thickness and density, and other factors.  


What is the difference between a custom-made hair system and a wig or hairpiece from a wig shop?  
The differences are many.  A customized hair system from our hair replacement center in Atlanta begins with an in-depth personal consultation.  We discuss the issues behind your hair loss, conduct a thorough hair and scalp analysis, and then measure your head or hair loss area.  We then carefully craft a hair replacement system that is created strand by strand to match your skin color and exact hair density and hairline.  The system is designed so expertly that it is undetectable.
A wig or hairpiece from the local wig shop, on the other hand, is generally a one-size-fits all product that is mass produced.  It will not have the same comfort, precise fit, or undetectable results as a custom hair system.  



Hair systems have come a long way since the days of the toupee and the hair piece.   Our Atlanta hair replacement center offers state-of-the-art hair replacement for both men and women.  Our systems can give you back your hair and your confidence.  Make an appointment today for a FREE consultation.


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