Hair Restoration in Atlanta: Facts & Solutions

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Hair Restoration Facts and Figures

  • Hair loss can begin at a very early age.  In some cases, men in their early 20s begin noticing signs that they are losing hair.  
  • By age 35, about 40% of men will have experienced noticeable hair loss.   By age 60, that number climbs to 65%
  • Over 70% of women will experience some degree of thinning hair or hair loss by the time they reach the age of 60.
  • Over a half million people seek either surgical or non-surgical hair replacement options every year!  From topical hair regrowth products to hair transplants, surgery, and hair systems, both women and men are in search of hair restoration that will combat hair loss.


Hair Loss Solutions
As with most things, it is always best to start early!  Many men and women do not realize that they are losing hair until a large percentage of their hair has already been lost.   The time to begin is before hair loss becomes apparent.
If you are seeing symptoms of hair loss, make an appointment with our Atlanta hair restoration experts soon, and we can begin taking steps to address the issues.    We will conduct a digital hair and scalp analysis to detect the causes of your hair loss and work together with you to develop a plan and a solution.
In some cases, hair loss is only temporary.   Stress, pregnancy, medications and certain diseases can affect hair growth and can result in short term loss of hair.   As soon as the health condition improves or changes, hair growth returns and life goes back to normal.   
In other cases, hair loss is progressive and permanent.   Male or female pattern baldness or other conditions can result in deterioration of healthy hair follicles, thinning hair, and areas of sparse or non-existent hair growth.   In cases of progressive hair loss, it is important to begin treatment as early as possible to slow the hair loss and to create a healthy scalp environment for increased hair growth.


Depending upon the cause of your hair loss or thinning hair and the extent and degree of the loss, there are a multitude of different hair restoration avenues that can be followed.  


Nonsurgical hair restoration is preferred by many simply because it is more cost effective than surgical hair replacement and because it is less invasive.   With a custom hair system, it is impossible to detect your new hair from your existing hair.   Today’s hair replacement technology is so advanced that you can part your hair, comb it in any fashion, and pursue hobbies and daily activities without fear of anyone knowing that you are wearing a hair system.


Hair transplants and surgical hair replacement procedures have also made great strides over the last few years in helping men recover their hair.  If you have enough healthy hair growth to serve as a “donor” area, then surgical hair replacement can be an effective option.  In over two thirds of cases, surgical hair transplants are effective the first time.  


Laser hair growth therapy offers an alternative hair restoration option by giving men and women a hair regrowth solution that they can pursue in the comfort of their own home at an affordable cost.  When paired with hair regrowth products the benefits increase.


Make an appointment with our hair restoration experts in Atlanta today!   Receive a FREE digital hair and scalp analysis and recommendations by specialists with over 30 years of experience in the hair replacement business.


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 Hair loss can trigger a mixture of emotions.  Our Atlanta hair loss experts at Cirrus will address the issues to create the best plan for your circumstances.  Click below to learn more about the causes of hair loss, types of hair loss, as well as hair loss solutions that work.




Atlanta laser hair regrowth


 Laser hair therapy or laser growth treatments are one of the latest advances in hair restoration technology.   Laser light therapy and laser scalp treatments are very effective solutions for hair loss. We even have laser treatments that you can use at home! 



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 Our experts offer a variety of options in hair replacement for men and women.  Today's technological advances have resulted in greater choices which are extremely effective for dealing with hair loss.  Click below to learn more about non-surgical hair replacement, custom hair systems, surgical hair replacement, hair transplants.





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