Medical Hair Transplants & Replacement


Medical hair transplant treatments and surgical hair replacement can be an option for a certain percentage of our Atlanta hair loss clients.  It is important to understand that surgical hair replacement and medical hair transplant procedures will use your existing hair, so in order to be a good candidate for this hair restoration technique, an adequate amount of healthy hair growth needs to be available on the back and sides of your head which will serve as "donor" areas.  Surgical procedures are used to "move" hair from areas where healthy hair is growing to areas where the hair is thinning or nonexistent.  Results can vary depending upon the amount of hair loss you have experienced, the amount of healthy donor hair that is available, and the texture, color, and amount of curl or wave in your hair.  

Using excellent hair care products as a followup to surgical hair replacement will ensure optimum results.  Please visit our Products page to learn more about CiraDerm products that are available for purchase.  CiraDerm products are formulated to encourage a healthy scalp environment, cleanse the scalp and hair from toxins, and nourish healthy hair growth with active ingredients.  Our Atlanta hair replacement experts will be happy to help you select the best hair regrowth products for your individual circumstances and hair loss issues.


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 Hair loss can be a devastating and frustrating experience.  Our Atlanta hair loss experts at Cirrus will pursue the best options for your individual situation.  Click below to learn more about the causes of hair loss, types of hair loss, as well as hair loss solutions that work.




Atlanta laser hair regrowth


 Laser hair therapy or laser growth treatments are one of the latest advances in hair restoration technology.   Laser light therapy and laser scalp treatments are very effective solutions for hair loss.  Click to learn more about laser therapy from Cirrus Hair Replacement in Atlanta.



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 Our hair restoration experts offer a variety of options for hair replacement for men as well as women. From custom created hair systems to surgical hair replacement, there are more options today than ever before.  Which option is right for you?  





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