Atlanta Hair Regrowth Products

Our Atlanta hair replacement experts at Cirrus have been expertly trained to help you select the best hair regrowth products for the concerns of hair loss and healthy hair restoration.  Our CiraDerm line is an amazing collection of cleansers, scalp stimulators, shampoos, conditioners and styling aids.  Each product contains a special formula for promoting a healthy scalp and hair environment with essential nutrients and cleansing ingredients.   

Make an appointment our hair restoration facility in Atlanta for a FREE digital scalp analysis.  We can assess your hair loss and make recommendations about the best hair regrowth products for your unique needs and offer recommendations for your best options for returning your hair to the thickness and volume that you once enjoyed.  Over 30 years of experience in the industry have given us the expertise that you need!


CiraDerm CiraMax Hair Nutrition

This special formula contains the necessary ingredients not produced in appropriate amounts by the... (read more)

CiraDerm Enzyme Halt

Cleanse away & reduce damaging residues that impede or slow hair growth. ... (read more)

CiraDerm Follicle Invigorator

Delivers essential nutrients for optimal hair growth as well as returns the hair to its normal stage... (read more)

CiraDerm Follicleanse Shampoo

Clogged hair follicles and heavy dirt on the root of the hair can cause serious hair problems. ... (read more)

CiraDerm Pack

Includes: CiraDerm Follicle Invigorator, CiraDerm Enzyme Halt, CiraDerm Follicleanse Shampoo, and... (read more)

CiraDerm Scalp Activator

This innovative product markedly increases blood flow to the scalp which improves hair and scalp... (read more)

CiraDerm Scalp Prep Cleanser

A special formulation containing essential ingredients with Zinc PCA to deep clean with low suds... (read more)

CiraDerm Peppermint Plus Shampoo

A deep cleansing shampoo with Tea Tree Oil developed to thoroughly cleanse and penetrate each hair... (read more)

CiraDerm Peppermint Plus Conditioner

The ultimate conditioner for treated, dry, textured, or normal hair with a touch of peppermint... (read more)

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