What is hair replacement?

Hair replacement is a practical option for anyone who is experiencing hair loss.  Our Atlanta hair restoration experts at Cirrus have several solutions available for our clients.  Depending upon your circumstances, lifestyle, and the cause and degree of your hair loss, certain options will offer a better solution than others.

SURGICAL HAIR REPLACEMENT:    As the name suggests, surgical hair replacement involves surgically transplanting hair into areas of the scalp that are suffering from hair loss.   The hair used for the transplant process is taken from the client’s own head.   Because of this, a client must have a sufficient amount of hair located on the sides and back of the head from which hair can be taken and transplanted to areas of the scalp that need a fuller look.   Good follow up and special products can be used to encourage healthy and successful hair growth after the procedure.  


NONSURGICAL HAIR REPLACEMENT:    Nonsurgical hair replacement is an excellent option for men and women who are not good candidates for surgical hair replacement or who want a less expensive option than surgery.  With this option, a custom hair system can be created for the client.   Hair systems are high quality and individually crafted in order to provide very realistic natural looking hair.   The system can be integrated into your own existing hair for an undetectable look.   Excellent quality human hair is used for each system and it can be blended for different effects including adding gray, adding highlights, or matching your existing hair color and texture.


LASER HAIR THERAPY:   Laser hair regrowth therapy offers an innovative approach to hair restoration.  Through the use of an advanced low level laser that is focused on the scalp and skin tissue of affected regions of your head, hair regrowth can be encouraged.


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